Start Here

The following are a list of links that allow you to meet some great minds, thinkers and approaches that have inspired me throughout the years.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Nobel winning scientists who don’t practice ‘normal’ ways of being a scientist.

A knighthood for Geim — he of frogs, magnets and pencils.
The Deliberate Amateur.

Dr Jim Allison – discovering the immune system’s role in defeating cancer

picture of dr jim allison

“People aren’t dumb. The world is hard.”
Dr Richard Thaler: “I was less fearful of embarrassment than my colleagues…I was willing to be ridiculed”. His impact can be seen here.

Picture and quote from Dr Thaler


Blake Master’s Notes from Peter Thiel’s startups class.

Ben Thompson: Stratechery: begin your addiction with Shopify, and the power of platforms

Clay Christenson Institute: Improving the World through Disruptive Innovation

Scott Adams Goals vs Systems

Donella Meadows: Thinking in Systems

Poor Charlie’s Almanac: Wit and Wisdom from Charlie T Munger

Marty Cagan (SVPG): An inconvenient truth about product management

Want to see the Customer Experience for brands “unboxed” with detailed 4 min ‘tear downs’? Must watch here.